American Surgical Association
Optional Tour

Musical Instrument Museum

Date: Friday, April 20th from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Tour will run from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM)
Price: $75.00
Details: Busses will depart the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge at 9:30 AM and retuning following the conclusion of the Tour.

*Includes Transportation to and from the JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge and a voucher for lunch in the museum's café.

The Musical Instrument Museum Tour will start with a one-hour experience designed as a behind-the-scenes experience. How and when was MIM founded? What goes on backstage at the MIM Music Theater? How are the exhibits created? Where does MIM store its instrument collections? Because of safety and security reasons, we ask that purses, bags, backpacks, food, beverage, cellphones, and cameras be left with Security at the Guest Service desk. Please note that no photography is permitted in these areas.

Following the Behind the Scenes tour, guests will be taken on a hour Museum wide guided tours offering an overview of the world’s music, focusing on cultures in each geographic region of the globe. End the tour in the Experience Gallery where you make some music of your own on instruments from around the world. Guests walk away understanding the powerful connection we have through music.

Following the tour, a lunch voucher will be provided for the café for an hour. Then following lunch, guests will experience a VIP Percussion session for an immersive sixty-minute activity offering opportunities to play drums and other instruments traditional to cultural groups from various countries. Led by a master instructor, learn the basics of African, Latin, and pop-music hand drumming and make music and rhythm together. After basic instruction, the session ends with a thrilling jam session.

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