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Cancellation Information for the 140th Annual Meeting of the American Surgical Association

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the ASA made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel its 140th Annual Meeting, which was to have taken place April 16-18, 2020, in Washington, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions are addressed below; if you have further questions or would like more information, please contact the Association.

How will the ASA handle registration refunds?
All registered Annual Meeting attendees have been issued a full registration refund. If you have not received a refund on your statement, please contact the Association.

How can I cancel my hotel reservation?
If you made your reservation within the ASA’s official block of rooms, your reservation has been cancelled. Any individual booked outside of the official block, is responsible for cancelling their own hotel reservations made at the Grand Hyatt. You may cancel you hotel reservations online or by contacting the Grand Hyatt by phone at (202) 582-1234; if cancelling online, you will need to have available the confirmation number received upon booking. Please also remember to cancel any other personal arrangements you've made, such as air travel.

Will the 140th Annual Meeting be postponed until a later date / rescheduled?
ASA Annual Meetings are planned years in advance, with careful coordination with venues that can accommodate our meeting. Rescheduling has proven impossible to find a date that is agreeable and offers the best opportunity for the majority of our membership and non-member physicians alike, to attend.

What happens if I was scheduled to present and/or discuss an abstract?
The ASA and the Annals of Surgery have reached out directly to paper authors and discussants to address manuscript submission/publication. All papers will still be accepted for publication consideration in the September and October issues of the Annals.

What will happen with ASA business conducted at the Annual Meeting?
  • The current Council will continue in their roles through the 2021 Annual Meeting, with the Nominating Committee postponing its announcement of the new slate until the 2021 Business Meeting.
  • Council and Committee meetings scheduled at the Annual Meeting will be conducted via conference call or web conference.
  • The presentations of the Scientific Medallion, the Medallion for Advancement of Surgical Care, and the Flance-Karl Award have been postponed until the 2021 Annual Meeting.
  • The photos of Fellows elected in 2019 will be posted online.
  • The election of new 2020 membership candidates will be conducted via e-ballot.
  • The names of membership candidates with completed applications for the 2021 cycle will be posted online.
  • Committee and Representative appointments will be posted online.
  • Further decisions have also been made, and updates will be posted after those directly impacted by these decisions have been contacted first.