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Presenter FAQ

As an abstract presenter, how much time do I have to present?
Each presentation is being offered an eight (8) minutes for your presentation, with an additional two (2) minutes provided to the Primary Discussant; these ten minutes are then followed by an additional five (5) minutes of open discussion from the audience, for a total of 15 minutes.

How do I submit my pre-recorded talk? When does it have to be submitted by?
Your presentation will be pre-recorded and will be played during the Virtual Meeting, followed by pre-recorded commentary by your invited primary discussant. Finally, the presentation will conclude with a live discussion with the attendees and yourself, facilitated by the co-moderators of your session.

Full instructions have been created on how to record and submit your presentation. We ask that you use one of the available Zoom virtual backgrounds during your presentation. In order to participate in the ASA Virtual Meeting, pre-recorded videos must be submitted by the following dates:

Typically, a manuscript submission is required for abstract presenters, is this still required with the Virtual format?
Yes, the American Surgical Association still requires you to submit your manuscript to the Annals of Surgery for publication consideration prior to the start time of the Scientific Session in which your presentation is scheduled. Read the author instructions and guidelines, and submit your manuscript. When submitting your manuscript, be sure to select "ASA Paper" as the Article Type.
Failure to meet this requirement may, for any or all co-authors, jeopardize future acceptance of abstracts for presentation and/or publication.

As a presenter, am I required to register?
All presenting authors and primary discussants in attendance are required to register for the Virtual Annual Meeting. All other authors (Members and Non-Members) are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and can register online.

As a presenter how do I login to the meeting? Do I need to be on before my presentation?
You will receive special instructions via email on how to login and participate in the live discussion piece of your presentation.

Once my pre-recorded talk is submitted can I make any edits? Can we change our presenting author?
You must upload your final draft of your pre-recorded presentation and are not able to make any edits to it. We need to edit all of the abstract presentations and send them to discussants to record their questions. We are not able to do that more than once. Should the author that is answering the live questions from the discussant and audience change, you must notify Angela Allard as soon as possible.